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    Originally posted by luckyak View Post

    So this is a thing that’s been a perennial question for me. Not to criticize anyone’s way of doing things, and believe me I appreciate a good fatty burger or sausage, but why do so many of us think nothing of grinding conventionally raised pork fat into our hard-earned ground game? Sure, if it’s pastured / grass fed pork, but otherwise, maybe it’s just me but I don’t get it.
    Just personal preference. Some sausage recipes require a certain percentage of fat, some don't. Sometimes I"ll add it, sometimes I won't.

    I don't sweat the game/domestic mix. To me it's a trivial issue.


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      Why add what your trying to get away from. I do add a little water to ground meat to help hold the burger together when cooking.
      This year's moose was really fat, been years since I've processed one with as much fat. I saved a bunch and will mix it with a couple sausage mixes I'm happy with, no preservatives or cures.
      I save large hunks of meat for final processing at a later date, and vacuum pack and freeze these. I try to make cuts that follow normal commercial cuts. I grind partially frozen, both lean meat and fat if using.
      After the final cut or grinding I compress the meat to get rid of air pockets and place in plastic, then vacuum pack and freeze.
      Ground meat is still nice and red after 1 1/2 -2 years but rarely last more than 1 1/2 years. People are always saying how great the moose burger taste and ask what I do to make it that way.
      I'm simply anal about keeping things clean and careful about packaging, the moose does the rest.
      I have an older 1/2 hp grinder hooked to a meat mixer, a hand cranked sausage stuffer and a 1hp meat grinder, two types of vacuum packers, a dedicated cutting table and a stainless steel deep sink with a side tray for cleanup. The grinders are Lem, but I think there are several good brands.
      We are gameatarians... almost always hunting, catching and growing our food.


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        Just finished up processing a moose with my buddies 1.5hp #42 Carnivore, first pass with the 10mm then 7.5mm w/bacon mixed in. That machine is a beast, never missed a beat. Used a foot pedal switch for the first time too, it helped keep things moving when we were stuffing burger bags especially.


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          I have been told by a few different processors that moose fat goes rancid sooner than beef. These same processors claim pork fat doesn't keep as well as beef either. I'm not so sure about that. I have ground fat moose without trimming and it tasted great a year later.
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