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Leg of goat & moose ribs

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  • Leg of goat & moose ribs

    I just got back from a successful mtn goat hunt. I decided to keep one of the rear quarters whole. I also harvested the caul fat from around the stomach. I’d like to brine the leg for 48 hours, wrap in caul fat, and throw it on the bbq for 8-12 hrs at 250-300F. Any tips/tricks/suggestions/recipes for this preparation?

    I also just prepared a rack of moose ribs that had been hanging for 6 days with the brisket attached with some success. I trimmed them, brined them in yoshisda’s and sugar for 24 hours, cold smoked them for 2.5 hours at 80F, and then put them on the BBQ for another 4.5 hours at 275F. It worked great. Only thing I would do different is to loosely wrap them with foil at the 6 hour mark and mop with additional brine for a total of 8 hours instead of 7.

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    Moose ribs are great. I always leave the meat on the ribs and cook them as ribs, not cutting the meat into hamburger.

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      We kept our moose ribs on the bone this year, looking forward to trying them out. Thanks for sharing your technique.


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