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  • Bear fat care

    Iím interested in learning how to care for bear meat and particularly the fat for rendering. After quartering the bear do you leave fat in place or cut it off right away? How long do you have before you need to render it on a fall hunt?

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    Simply cut the fat off while butchering and put into a large pot to warm it up. After warming up the fat, Strain it through a cheesecloth into your storage containers. We Store ours in the fridge.
    Nothing to it and when done looks just like Crisco, snowy white.

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      Its easier to trim the fat once the meat cools and the fat hardens. Last time I did mine i trimmed off all the fat I could then trimmed any meat or blood off the fat as that can cause an off taste. I then cut it up into smaller pieces and put it in the crock pot to let it render out. Add a little water maybe a cup or so to the pot, it'll keep the fat from sticking to the bottom until there is oil to take over, the water will steam off while cooking. Then strain through some cheese cloth into jars and put it in the fridge. I keep all my jars in the freezer except the one I am currently using and that stays in the fridge. its a beautiful white and makes the best biscuits. Substitute it for anything you would put crisco in.


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