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    I just made up some brats yesterday that turned out absolutely amazing. I used my last 13 lbs of Caribou scraps with a 10 lb pork belly. Leggs Bratwurst seasoning for 25 lbs meat mixed into a pint and a half of King St IPA. Mixed it into the coarse grind before running it through the fine plate on my Carnivore. Stuffed into natural hog casings. I bought a LEM 5lb stuffer this year. Wow what a difference a real stuffer makes.

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    That sounds super yummy. My one experience trying to make brats was 2 years ago and I used our grinder/stuffer attachments on our KitchenAid. It actually worked really well on our small batch. I can definitely see the need for a larger grinder and stuffer for bigger batches. the tiny little hopper on the KitchenAid just doesn't cut it.

    It takes real talent to stuff the casings evenly and twist them up. I had sausages and casings going all over the counter until I got into a rhythm. My wife was laughing hysterically and my kids started singing that camp song about the guy with his sausage stuffing machine that went crazy.


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ID:	2501949Just took scraps/neck meat off two dall sheep last week and made 25 lb of brats. They turned out awesome. I cook them in IPA with onions and seasoning then finish off on the grill.


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