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Canned blacktail deer recipes?

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  • Canned blacktail deer recipes?

    Howdy wild meat fans!

    I'm looking for recipes, how you like it, for jars of canned venison. We have some I took from POW Island, SE Alaska.

    We couldn't freeze all of it due to a tiny propane freezer and being off the grid in that location.

    Should be fun to hear from you.

    Frozen, this is some of the very best wild meat I've had.

    That country was so hungry even the ravens were packin' a lunch.... HUNGRY I tell ya'!!

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    I brown mine in a cast iron pan with a little garlic, onion, and seasonings. May add a couple sliced jalapenos to the jar before canning. I often use it to make stroganoff.
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      We can ours naked with one garlic clove in the jar.


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        I'll lightly brown some cubed meat in flour. Put a bouillon cube in hot water to dissolve. Saute some onions. I'll add some of the bouillon juice with everything else into the can with some garlic.
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          Try adding some dry gravy mix to the jar when filling. Bumps it up a notch!

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            I thought the OP was asking for recipes for using canned deer meat. Iím interested in that also.


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              Yeah, I agree, I thought the OP was looking for dinner recipes.
              I grew up in Wyoming, off the grid, and we canned all of our meat for years. I was a teenager before we got electricity.
              Since it's already cooked during the canning, it won't absorb flavors during cooking like raw meat would. I think the flavors and seasonings need to be added when you cook the other ingredients in the dish. Depending on how it was handled during the canning process, it should be tender and moist. Make sure you add any liquid that is in the can/jar. Canned meats work well in stew and casserole dishes that simmer for awhile, to help all the flavors meld together.
              You know, I think I'll ask my older sister about this. I wasn't doing much cooking back in those days, but she was.


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