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Making salmon lox?

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  • Making salmon lox?

    I have been smoking fish for a long time and want to make some lox up with some silvers or king fillets. If any one has a recipe or tips they would share I would appreciate it.

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    lox salmon

    dry rub

    1 thick side of king salmon fillet 11/2 in thick
    2/3 cup salt
    2/3 brown sugar

    90* sal. brine

    630 ml pickle salt
    2 l water


    clean up fish and trim for the thickest part.put some dry rup in
    bottom of plastic container .then lay in fish put rest of dryrub
    on top and sides of fish .do not rub in .let sit in 34-36* fridge
    for 24 hrs .then take and rinse dry rub off and stick into cold brine
    for 24 hrs .run under cold tap water for about 2-3 hrs .
    taste. should be quite salty.then let sit till next morning
    and then put into smoker at 65-72 * temp .i used 4 pucks (bradley smoker )over 8 hr
    period .then back into fridge .
    hopefully not to late with the reply..i make sure when i rinse and soak its at least 3 hrs


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      I use reds, but next choice would be silvers because of the oil content. I would use kings last for lachs.

      Dry cure with salt and mix of brown/white sugar at about 1:1 depending on your tastes. You can add other seasonings if you want, like pepper. Thoroughly coat two fillets, and tightly wrap in plastic with meat sides touching. I sometimes add a dill sprig between the two. Place on a rack in a glass dish in refer for several days, until meat is slightly firm to the touch through the thickest part, 2-3 days is about right. Turn them over a couple of times per day, and dump out the liquid from the dish! When cured, soak for several hours in cold water then rinse to remove excess salt. Cut off a piece and taste to make sure it's not too salty.

      Air dry the fillets. This is super important. When dry, head to smoker and COLD smoke. I just pump smoke with an inline fan through 4" dryer duct from the hardwood BBQ over to a cardboard enclosed rack. The fan and smoke with the ventilation gets the moisture driven out. Stop when you get the texture you want in the flesh. I've gone as long as 8 hours, but it doesn't need smoke the whole time.

      People seem to like the pecan wood chips because the flavor is very subtle. HANDS DOWN THE BEST LOX I HAVE EATEN.


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        Quote: "People seem to like the pecan wood chips because the flavor is very subtle. HANDS DOWN THE BEST LOX I HAVE EATEN."

        I'm anxious to try that pecan wood for lox and smoked shrimp. I added some to a Amazon order but found later that Home Depot has both pecan chips and chunks. My lox recipe is very similar to yours. I have a thing for dill so I do a lot of gravlox...basically the same thing with about a 1/2" layer of dill between the pieces. A board or plate with weights on top helps the process along..flip and drain daily, then smoke.


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          And a heads up for what it's worth: This is a really good reference book! I've had my copy for well over 20 years. New, they are spendy. I've found many used in good condition on the net for under 10 have at it....


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