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  • Sandhill Crane Recipes

    Looking for some tried-and-true options to cook Sandhill Crane. A recipe (and one with pictures) would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for your time.


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    I've always just treated mine like a good steak. My preference is a bit of Montreal seasoning and balsamic marinade then on the grill till rare/medium rare. Best eating bird I've ever had hands down.
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      Okay, cooked it for two different recipes so far: Here's the first one...

      Skinned the entire bird, preserving the meet of the wing to the elbow joint. Cut the breast and wing meat off of each side as an intact unit. Allow to sit for twenty minutes to warm up a bit. Pepper, garlic salt and onion salt both sides. Heat an all-metal skillet to medium-high and set oven to 425F. Drop two tablespoons of butter into pan and place breast meat into pan with a tong. It will bunch up as it cooks and become quite thick. You might suspect that you should have sliced it thinner--disabuse yourself of that notion immediately. It'll turn out fine! Continue to cook for a total of two minutes per side, place thermometer into breast and place entire pan into the oven. Cook at 400-425F for approximately 12minutes or until internal temperature is approximately 135F. Remove pan from oven, remove breast from pan and place upon a serving dish, cover with a foil tent for 4minutes. Remove foil and serve. The meat will resemble a finely-grained piece of beef WITHOUT ANY gamey, muddy, duck-like taste at all. One side of a breast/wing meat will feed two people with typical side dishes or one hungry hunter if there aren't any "fixins" along side of this wonderful steak. Enjoy!


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        Skin 'em, gut em, roast 'em over a ''cotton wood'' (Poplar?) coal fire and keep turning. Cook until the meats backed away from the bones. Hit it with Lowerys seasonall salt, finish cooking, hit it again and slice thin.....Mmmmmm!!
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          Now that sounds pretty darn good, Stranger! When I shoot one and will be in camp a couple of days then I'll be sure to try it out. Thanks!


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            I've seen and herd them flying over but never close enough to shoot. When, where, how do you hunt them?


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