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Best recipe for grizzly sausage

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  • Best recipe for grizzly sausage

    Got a nice arctic grizzly and was looking for any advice on the best sausage recipes.

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    Don't have a specific recipe in mind, but an acquaintance many years ago, took bear meat, and mixed it in the grinder 50:50 with moose, and made some outstanding breakfast sausage (*for which there's umpteen recipes available here and elsewhere), and I recall it being SUPERB. You can reduce the amount of pork grind in the sausage, as bear is typically pretty fat, even when it looks lean.

    I've eaten caned/jarred grizzly, 'canned' with carrots and onions, from a good-sized bear shot near McBride, B.C., 39 years ago, and can assure you that those who claim it's not edible either shot the wrong bear, don't know how to cook/can, or are plain 'full of it.'

    Good luck!!


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      Ive jarred bear and its outstanding
      Is it opening day of duck season yet
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        We've customarily jarred black bear meat due to (primarily) parasites, but also ease of storage. I took 5-1/2 cases of pints with me to grad school in Eastern Washington Fall of 1987, and ate enough bear hash and bear ruben sandwiches to satisfy my desire for it. But it beat the snot out of store-bought caned meats.

        *I haven't actively hunted bear since 1987.

        The jarred grizzly with onions and carrots was, as stated, awesome; we ate it over a fellow's camp fire we'd temporarily commandeered at Liard Hot Springs, July 1978. (*It was raining steady, a van full of us bush hippies were passing through, and we just wanted to eat and run; he let us use his fire, we cooked, ate, shared, and thanked him).

        The breakfast sausage AND the jarred meat BOTH required attention to the fat. When we'd jar black bear, I'd first cook it loose in canning size chunks in the pressure cooker at 15 lbs. pressure, then pour off half the broth, and dilute the remainder with water 50:50, then pack the pint jars loosely to within 1/2" or 3/4" of the top of the jars sprinkle the seasonings of choice over the meat in the jars, then pour the dilluted broth over the meat to about 1/2" below the jar lip, loosely place boiled bands and lids, arrange properly in the pressure cooker, and cook another 45-50 minutes at 15 lbs. pressure.

        With the moose and bear breakfast sausage, the moose is lean enough that all my acquaintance did was to reduce the pork grind he'd otherwise use for fat, as the bear typically has enough grease in it.

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        Ive jarred bear and its outstanding


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          Ended up making summer sausage and it turned out excellent.


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