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    Originally posted by 4merguide View Post
    These all look good, but I have to wonder what the ratio of game meat to pork would be?
    I pick up pork butts from Costco and mix them roughly 50/50 with game meat. I don't think you loose the flavor of the game meat and it helps make your game meat go further.

    I used Alton Browns breakfast sausage recipe minus the brown sugar with moose/pork, came out great. I've used bison/pork for an awesome chorizo, I need to copy down the recipe.

    Tried making moose/pork boudin and didn't care for the results. If anyone has a good recipe let me know.

    I'm going to have to try that cudighi recipe, sounds good!
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      I like to do 80% game meat with 20% pork by weight. I generally like to use pork loin since I can find it for about $1/pound, but boston butt also works. I don't like bacon ends myself, but that's because in general I don't like bacon.

      As for what to use for seasoning, I really like A.C. Legg seasonings. I make most of my bulk sausage with hot italian seasoning.

      If I'm making anything like brats I use 5-10% beef fat. I don't like pork fat for these because the texture ends up a little off. Beef fat heats up better in a brat to keep it juicy. Also soy protein concentrate helps with brats if you like going down that route.


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