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  • First Retort Attempt

    My first attempt at retort canning.
    I made up several gallons of stew. I decided to try andretort some of it.
    I measured out 8oz for each pouch. I made up 20 pouches.

    I put the pouches into the refrigerator. I was planning topressure cook the next afternoon.
    I found 2 pouches leaked fluid.
    I put another seal on each pouch at a higher setting.

    My American canner came with 2 perforated trays.
    I used 4 ss bolts and nuts to make 4 legs to raise the tray2 inches above the bottom.
    I was told to keep the pouches above the water.
    I added just less than 2 inches of water.

    I set my Vac Master to just below the highest vac setting.It vacuumed for 54 seconds.
    I set the sealer by testing at different setting to get aseal I was happy with.
    The next day I resealed all the pouches at a higher setting.

    I heated the pressure cooker to steaming. Then put on the10psi weight.
    Then pressure cooked for 90 minutes at 10psi.

    When done I let it cool down overnight.
    I ended up with 20 pouches. All the seals held.

    For my next attempt I put 12oz of stew in each 8oz pouch. Allthe pouches blew.
    I lost the whole batch. Lesson learned.

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    What is the benefit of retort vs regular canning? The ease of just throwing a pouch in your backpack vs. carrying around a jar? Seems like a pain in the A to me.


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      You ever back pack jars into sheep camp ?


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        Originally posted by Bullelkklr View Post
        You ever back pack jars into sheep camp ?
        You ever answer questions with questions?

        And no I don't, I pack mountain house and freeze dried food into the mountains when I go goat hunting. And aside from that, it seems easier to me to cook/process and then vacuum seal said food, instead of messing around with retort canning.


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