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Meat cooling.

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  • Meat cooling.

    Ok I'm sure it's come up about a thousand times, but I can't find anything with the search engine. I'm looking for a place to cool and hang the moose my wife will be harvesting next month. Mat-Su valley would be best but I can go into anc if needed.
    Or a suggestion as to how to cool one at home. I'm all for DIY projects.

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    Originally posted by medic2022 View Post
    I'm all for DIY projects.
    Here's a link to a recent thread.


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      I would recommend to you a video call Project Bloodtrail, put together by a guy called Larry Bartlett. He deals with mostly caribou but does do a moose at one point. Go to <> and this will give you a clue how to cool meat in the wild. Once you come back, there is a lot of info on the internet but it's mostly under butchering, venison, deer kinds of word searches. Good luck!


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        the biggest tip I can offer beside the video is to hang your qtrs and have a fan to circulate the airflow. This will cool the surface but also prevent mold and surface slime if you hang it in this crappy weather (high humidity). If you forgo the fan blowing on your qtrs, you might notice the surface of the meat gets clammy and slightly sticky...beginning of surface mold from high humidity and low air circulation.

        Keep out of reach of dogs

        Place a drip protection, such a tarp or visqueen to catch the drainage, or you're wife will be pissed her garage floor is stained.

        Target is below 45 degrees F when hanging, best if above 34 degrees and below 40 degress....5-7 days post harvest hang time max is ideal before processing.

        Hope this helps.


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          I now have a CoolBot and a window air conditioner for my cooler...

          without adequete insulation.. (another project back stabbed by weather and me in Hospital..)
          it keeps the inside right at 38 degrees, unless you open the door and leave it open to long..
          then temps climb fairly quickly, but drop just as quickly after shut.

          and the fan on the conditioner circulates air really well blowing up and around the quarters I hung Monday.

          So if you have the room for it,,, a small walk in cooler is affordable and practicle for us Alaskans!



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