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    I've had herniated discs in my L5-S1 for nearly 20 years brother, so i know back pain well. When i was diagnosed with the chronic pain i weighed about 215 lbs (army days). My doc told me the best advice, which has helped me tremendously. He said my best treatment was to strengthen my core muscles and trim down to fighting weight, and stay strong and lean for my entire life.

    For 20 years I have done that, and today i am pain free and strong as a Yak.

    My daily routine has been consistency:

    1. maintain body weight with a 9.2% body fat (weight 195 lbs, height 72").
    2. 200-250 crunches every day without compromise to keep core strength in battle-ready shape (most important)
    3. pushups every day and biceps (curls) with low weight and high reps
    4. winter months I ski 10-20 miles daily (at least 5 days every week)
    5. spring and summer i run a 10K-18K every other day
    6. during summer/fall I paddle or row my boats (about 500 miles per year)
    7. fall months (aug-sept) i hunt like a fool, pack whatever i kill for as far as i have to
    8. mental readiness: muscle memory exercises are extremely vital to my personal readiness and strength.

    Remember these two things above all others:

    1. your body can't go where your mind hasn't been. Muscle memory will take you the rest of the way
    2. don't get caught up in ergonomic disasters like heavy lifting or difficult ab workouts. Crunches are better for your core strength than any other ab workouts. Your back muscles need consistent workouts in managable doses, but mix up your workouts to continuously confuse your muscles (i.e., crunches combined with running combined with skiing, combined with walking, transitioning to fall hunting activities).

    hope this helps.

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      I hear you guys on the Army thing I'm still in and i feel the effects of the "Army training everyday" I just plain hurt most days... Somedays I feel like a 50 year old man my kness hurt back kills me LOL. But 7 more yrs and I'm done, my routine just to stay in somewhat decent shape I do 3 miles on a treadmill then hop on th elyptical as well I do this 2-3 a day Army we have no choice in the morning we do p.t lunch time I'm at the gym. In the evenings I will start running outside since the weather has gotten alot nicer... I don't do much rucking over the yrs the Army good idea of body has hurt my right shoulder so any wieght over an extended period of time makes it unbarable at one point when I was deployed I was popping oxycotin like candy yeah that bad. So I try to avoid havy packs, so try to wearing a 40lbs of body armor then a heavy ruck by the end of the day you will be misearble... Now for abs I try to do them everyday but I have slacked off but I usually do 75-80 crunches I read that it is pointless to do more than that it does not help/improve your abs to do 90-100-200 crunches. Anyhow my 2 cents on this...


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        Who's knockin' heavy lifting?

        I won't stand for that. Grin.

        I think more important than the actual crunch is to consider your core shape and function. In otherwords, it's not designed to function as an apple and maintain optimal stability. As Larry said, first, body weight is crucial to functionality. +1 Mr. Bartlett!

        So when it comes to back injury. Unintended movement of compomised spinal structures hurts. Strong Abs, and back stablize injury and allow one to function. Of course this is a very narrow view point. I understand that on an entirly different level there are injury a disease that are entirly debilitating. Yet for most of us, rehab, conditioning, and guts can help us hunt longer.

        A heavy pack is really hard on ya no matter what. You'll pay for it in the long run. It's just how many seasons you can get in before your sidelined that matters. Conditioning is like rotating tires, changing oil, and warming up the Mrs......all great.


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          I did have to drop my pack weight to about 25lbs the 35 was causing too much pain the night of and day after. Luckily I've been able to keep my weight "prettry much" under control. I had 3 surgeries back to back and got up to 205 for a while (I'm 5'10") but I'm back down to about 180 and still losing. Luckily I'm stubborn as hell and I try not to let much stop me. Army told me for almost 2 years my back was fine, come to find out I fractured 3 thorasic vertebrae, two bulging lumbar discs another couple torn topped off with a bit of multi level spondylosis and DDD. I try to avoid painkillers as much as I can. Already spent too much time on them from surgeries, just can't stand em anymore. I do use lidoderm patches sometimes and I love those things!

          Lol Horse!

          Wonderer, thanks so much!

          Larry, weight lifting is out for the next few months til the bone graph in my wrist heals. I was doing great skiing about 10k a day in the winter til surgery and I wish I could get back on my sticks! Got the dogs trained up pretty good too so this winter should be a ton of fun! Was planning on getting a kayak but finances since being out of work won't allow it this year.

          Mossy, bike went the same road as the kayak unfortunately

          323, dont let them jerk around, take care of yourself!
          If you live your whole life afraid to die... Then you can never truly live!


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