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info on 20 mile or placer Moose

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  • info on 20 mile or placer Moose

    My father in law drew a DM 210 and his dream is to get a big bull I have a good jet boat and know how to hunt I just don't know the area My father in law is reaching 62 just a little insight Thanks for all the help

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    Check your PM's.
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      A good buddy of mine got the cow tag up there. We have a boat, but no clue about the area really other than it's close to anchorage haha.


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        Piece of cake...You will see the entire drainages in one day with a boat. Can't go very far up either one with a jet, but you should have no problem in killing moose. I would go the first day it opens, before others kill the ones close to the creeks.
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          Well, the hunt area is close to where you live. So you have all summer to scout it out. A jetboat will get you in there. An airbaot will get you further. And as the summer progresses you will find some super fishing for Silver Salmon fishing. And you will find moose. Big Moose exceeding 60 inches? I don't know. Many black bears are also back in there, so do not hesitate to whack one. Remember, every time you whach a black bear, you just saved a moose calf or three.
          Mountain goats up high. Some Brown bears. Waterfowl as good as Southcentral AK gets.
          The 20 mile River area is a mini paradise nice and close to urban Los Anchorage.
          Happy scouting.
          Happy hunting.
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            I hunted it with a buddy last year and I think the word that describes the Placer best is brushy. It's tough to see much from the river because of the dense alders. There were not nearly as many people going up the Placer as there were Twentymile but it is shallower with more brush onthe Placer side.


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              If you are looking for a big bull my suggestion is spent the summer looking for the rutting area. Once you locate it figure out the best way to hunt it. If you have never hunted in brush it can be a daunting tasks.

              Weather can get nasty really fast; we got caught in a wind storm and after a night of not sleeping we made a run for it. With all the brush in the area hunting in the rain and wind can be your friend.

              When my friend hunted it the biggest problem we had was finding a location that was huntable and had moose, it was more a process of eliminating areas not to hunt.


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