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    Good afternoon,

    Now I have the rest of the week off to look for bears. I have been searching the forum for information on bear hunting the Hope Road and I have read many posts. I am hoping you could give me some information which may help me to kill a bear in the next couple of days down your way. Any info is appriciated. I attempted to PM AGL4now but it would not go through.:question:
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    Black bear boars should emerge now, or anytime soon, based on my 22 yeras of Kenai peninsula observations. "Early springs, or "late springs" means nothing, again in my observations. No snow on the ground for three weeks, or 30 feet on top of the den, those Kenai mountain boars emerge in late, late April or very early May. (of course, a poorly choosen den sight could result in any bear getting flooded out of hibernation a bit early.) But these bears absolutely have to emerge from their winter dens (or die), and it will always be timed with the early beginning growth of new grass and birch tree buds. Sea level bears may emerge a week or so prior to mountain bears.

    So get out your spotting scope now and start inspecting the south facing slopes. While common wisdon says early morning or late evenings are best for sighting black bears, I have saw most during mid-day. Besides, it is nearly impossible to be awake at both 11:00PM as the sun goes down and at 4:00AM as the sun comes up.

    Everybody I know who glasses south facing Kenai mountain slopes during the first two weeks in May shoots black bears. Others may disagree to some extent, but whatever.....................

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      I know of one shot almost two weeks ago down by Hope.
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        I've seen six different blacks from the Seward hwy this spring.Have not conected yet,every climb up the bears have either winded us or moved on before we got on em.Work has prevented me from going out the last two days,but they better be on guard these next couple of days!!


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