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  • Full Curl Bull

    He's getting there. Maybe 40inch- full curl. Kind of hard to tell age from this angle but he does have a pretty decent mass ring, it stands out pretty good in this pic, reminds me of an old whitewall tire. I'd say he's a shooter but I don't think he'd make book yet, I say give him another year or two to make 60+ double curl with a 3 inch mass ring :topjob:

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    That's a good one. Wish I'd gotten a picture of the little bull in my old Anchorage neighborhood the day he had some sort of twine string and a big piece of latticework wrapped up in his antlers. I wonder if there's been a thread devoted to pictures of moose with weird stuff stuck to their heads.

    Click image for larger version

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    No antlers, but who doesn't like a baby moose?
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      Proof moose are vegetarians...

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        Snyd, someone needs to let that moose know he is supposed to stay 1/3 mile away from any motorized vehicle corridors.


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          My ruler puts it at 14" between the beads. Depth of the tread is impressive and the mass has left me 'flat' speechless. I never 'tire' of seeing these rare sights...walking on a road...that right there has got to be a first of it's kind.

          Ha Ha We need a few more pics of moose braving the traffic...someone needs to debunk the studies! Where are the MythBusters?
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            I, like most of us have tons of stories about moose on roads and trails. Funny thing though, if I see lots of griz tracks in the atv trails I don't see many moose....hmmmm. Sept 13th, 1993. We had a 50" bull in the truck that had......crossed a HUGE atv trail..... nowadays they call it the Elliot Highway..... Anyway, we got that sucker and were headed home, 10pm, moonlight, snow, wet pavement, yes pavement and there was a bull walking down the center line, clippity clop, clippity clop, he jumped off the road, I hit the brakes, my buddy jumped out of the truck, over the edge into 6 inches of wet snow in his socks BANG!! 60 inch Bull dead.... He was't to scared of the road.

            Here's a video clip from years ago in my yard in downtown Fairbanks in Jan. A bull with no antlers. He didn't seem to mind the trucks to much, or the big stinky noisy powerplant across the street. Everyone knows these moose use the trails, in town they use the roads and sidewalks. I've had bulls and cows both in my yard for 17 years. As we all know, these moose go where they want to go. The whole state of Alaska is their habitat. Road or no roads, they don't care.

            A gun is like a parachute. If you need one, and donít have one, youíll probably never need one again


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              I wonder what the car that it came off of looks like?


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