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Sutton Green Update w/ Additional Info

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  • Sutton Green Update w/ Additional Info

    Sorry it's been so long since I last posted anything on this matter. Sometimes the daily grind gets in the way. I'll keep this short and to the point.

    1. The borough did vote to give a 100k grant to a new trails group supported by the Friends of Matsu. Look at the track record of the Friends of Matsu and you decide where this might head.

    2. The Sutton Community Council did request in writing the borough place any "green" initiatives in the area on hold.

    3. During the last Sutton Community Council meeting the council voted to request/allow the use of over 100k in borough funds in the creation of a foot trail to Eska Falls. On the surface this sounds great. All users rights are protected. The question remains whether this will impact hunting in the area over the long term. This area is the Matanuska Moose Range and it would be a shame to see a foot trail in the area be used as ammunition to restrict hunting.

    4. I've also received additional information since I last posted regarding a larger issue in the area. I'll leave my personal opinions out of this one and let everyone decide for themselves what this means for the bigger picture in the long run. First I have a copy of an add placed in the ADN telling hunters they must get a permit from the Chickaloon Tribal Council or face an appearance in their Tribal Court and a $1000 fine. Next I have a copy of a map detailing the area this covers. Third I have a copy of an email from Jennifer Harrison the Executive Director of the Chickaloon Traditional Council stating the maps do not apply to non-natives.

    I would like to post all of these to the thread but apparently do not have sufficient permissions to do so. So if anyone would like to see these please send me a message.

    I encourage everyone to do their own research and make up their own minds regarding the activities in the Sutton area and how these events may impact their future use of the area whether it be hiking, hunting, atv'ng, etc.

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    there is one map for natives and one for non-natives?

    tribal court?



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