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  • Big Bore backup/hunting

    I am thinking about moving to AK hopefully in a few years and am
    interested in a big bore backup for bears and moose encounters.

    I hog hunt a lot now and live in the lower 48.

    What I have now is a SS Savage 270 win but it is set up on a control feed savage action, so I can run anything from a 25-06 up to a 458 win mag on that.

    I actually had a 458 WM barrel on it for a while and loaded up some 300 gr and 600 gr full tilt loads. Ran about 20 rounds through it one afternoon so I know I can handle the recoil for now. Also had a 375 ruger barrel on it for a while and that was a good one too.

    I also have a Taurus tracker 44 magnum handgun as a backup now. Its not the best 44 magnum, but I like it because it is light and I can hit where I aim with it. I know its weak for brown bears but better than nothing. Maybe I will upgrade to a 454 alaskan one day,

    At any rate what I am thinking about now for big hogs in the brush and my future in AK is a big bore rilfe, specifically a stainless 45-70 1895 GBL guide gun or a mossberg 12 ga pump with an 18" barrel.

    I am more of a rifle guy than a shotgun guy but a mossberg pump is a good home defender too, but not so great for hog hunting.

    I also ran into a guy that might have a stainless 375 H+H he will let go.
    It would be a good hunter and has iron sights, but looking for something short barreled
    and handy.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Any 45-70 will do, but Wild West Guns in Anchorage makes a great custom called the Alaskan CoPilot

    I would take that over a shotty, but a decent pump could be had for a lesser price.

    I'd say your pretty well armed with a .270 and .44, but I know sometimes a man just needs a new toy

    "When the time comes for a man to look his Maker in the eye, where better could the meeting be held than in the wilderness?"


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      I like the 270 I just set up.

      I have had this action set up as probably 5 different calibers.
      The last go around was to set it up so I could shoot 4" within 300 yards so it was down to the 25-06, 270 or a 270 WSM, 7mm magnum etc.

      Ended up with a 95gr TTSX bullet which is rally for the 6.8 SPC. At any rate I got 3650 out of it over RL17. Shot a 100# pig with it and it blew out a 8" diam exit hole.

      That said its not a great brush gun and I do head into the swamps.
      Got an old 30-06 remi semi auto with iron sights loaded with 220s
      I carry sometimes, but its got a long barrel and somewhat heavy.

      Had a 444SS I sold a while back for some unknown reason.

      **** that is an expensive rifle you mentioned

      Yep maybe its just time for a new toy.


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        Get the GBL & never look back.
        I have an 1895M (450 Marlin Guide Gun) & I love it! I have the DRC large loop lever, trigger, follower, XS ghost ring sights (with wings on rear), & Burris 2.75x scout scope in Warne QD rings on an XS scout mount. Was packing it earlier today for black bear (no luck).
        0-200+ yds is NO problem with 420gr hardcast @ just under 1850fps. In my opinion it's the ultimate all around Alaska gun.
        Vance in AK.

        Matthew 6:33
        "But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you."


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