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    I know it's a little early to ask a question like this, but I want to look in to the areas. My questions is this: I am going to put in for 3 goat hunts and 3 bear hunts (kodiak), and I want to know which ones are the best? We all know we have up to 3, so thats what I'm asking for. Your top 3 then I will narrow it down to the 3 I can hunt and give me the best chance to get a animal. If you don't want everyone to know, you can PM me and I am writing down the tags I want to apply for this year. I am doing 3 moose, 3 sheep, 3 goat, and 3 bear. So Any help will be great. Thanks and good luck to everyone this year.
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    There are goats pretty much all over the place down there. Each of the zones has opportunities, you just have to have the stones to go out and make it happen. The road system hunts are highly desirable because it reduces the expense of the trip. The rest of the island requires either air or water transport. There are a few highly desirable locations simply because they have alpine lakes that can be accessed via float plane which cuts out much of the bush whacking. If you are willing to blaze a trail through nearly impassable alders and claw your way up from the salt then you can make a successful hunt in many of the less desirable locations. Your success will hinge more on your own drive and fitness than it will on the location. That said the big variable is weather, even the best spot on Kodiak can be a complete wash if you can't even climb out of your tent.


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      Originally posted by jcorwin4278 View Post
      I want to know which ones are the best?
      What do you mean by "best"? Best trophy? Best chance of winning? Best chance of a successful hunt? Likely the better hunts have high numbers of applicants and less chance of actually drawing.
      Hunts that have been a draw for a long time should have good records of the history and can be researched on the F&G website.
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        go too the south end,registration for goat,now the hard part....draw a bear tag....look at deadman,red lake,etc....for the combo...
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