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20E Glacier Mountain.

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  • 20E Glacier Mountain.

    looking for anyone that has done a trip in there before-please message me-have questions-thanks.

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    some ones got to have done this before, flown,horse,hike?????


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      I know of a couple of guys who did it. It was insanely hard and they abandoned the hunt.


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        I guess "hard" depends on how far and if the caribou are there or not <grin>.

        Helped a friend from the states pack his caribou out of the Glacier Mtn CUA, he had parked his motorhome off the Taylor and hiked in a mile, spent the night and shot a caribou the next day. When they are there it can be a relatively easy walk-in hunt as it's higher terrain with pretty firm footing, not too many others either.

        Something else, this guy was 65 with a heart condition, so if he could do it....
        Mark Richards


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          Loyal Johnson who was a FG Biologist in Glennallen and Sitka killed a 42 inch Fannin Sheep there in the 1970s. I think that its a drawing permit and you have to walk in now but he was flown in there before it was a CUA. That should get some conversation started.



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            thanks for the info on the caribou


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              I have researched this area for sheep in the past. I have been told that there are more or less specific areas most likely to hold animals and there are good and better ways (aka hard and less hard) ways to access the area. I no longer have that info ... but a number of the locals can provide good guidance/recommendations. Continue your research as it has the potential for big dividends. Good luck.
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                Does "no motorized vehicles" mean no planes as well? If so, GCUA sounds like the perfect place for the traditionalist who might like to out-walk his competition instead of out-spending it.
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                  nope.the planes can beat you in there. talked with fish & game down there & it's 12-14 miles to evan get close to any sheep for those that are thinking of sheep, I started this for info on terrain for caribou & that sounds like a hard hunt as well.


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