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  • Another Spotting Scope Question

    Anybody use the Nikon Fieldscope 20-60x60 ED for Sheep hunting? Seems like a good balance between weight, good optics, and cost. How rugged is this scope? All feedback appreciated.

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    I used to own the same scope but not the ED. Great scope, especially for the money. It isn't as good as Swarovski, Zeiss, etc, but you can find them for under 700 bucks. For that price, I don't think they can be beat. I woud guess that the ED version is even better. I only sold it because I'm taking some time off from sheep hunting (against my will) and wanted some extra money for a different toy. I'm hoping next year to get a Zeiss or Swarovski or possibly go really lightweight and get the 50mm Fieldscope.

    The scope is very stout, the body is metal (I'm guessing aluminum or something). Very strong, no flimsy plastic or anything. The scope is easy to focus, easy to zoom, the sun shade is nice and easy to move back and forth. I would say if you get the cover (mine came with it), some of those things are a little more difficult to do. The little opening for the focus ring is tougher to move, it's hard to open it without the caps coming with it, etc.

    Overall, I really liked this scope. As I have said numerous times before, I don't think Nikon optics can be beat for the money.


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