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Freezer Space for a Bear Hide on Prince of Wales?

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  • Freezer Space for a Bear Hide on Prince of Wales?

    Does anyone have any leads on freezer space for rent on Prince of Wales? I'm doing a "do-it-yourself" hunt and if I'm successfull, would like to rent freezer space to freeze the skinned out hide. I've called the chamber of commerce in Klawock and they don't know of any cold storage on the island. Others have suggested that I contact fishing/hunting lodges. I'll do that but my guess is they'll rent to their customers only. Any leads are greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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    Might send a PM to Gooch here. He owns a cabin rental place in Coffman Cove. He might be able to help you out or point you in the right direction.
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      The Salt Shack in Thorne Bay should take care of you. Let me know if you need contact info.


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        ...or just flesh the bear skin, generously salt, re-salt a day or two later. Keep the skin cool and out of direct sunlight. It will be fine for as long as you will be out-and-about.

        Talk with your taxidermist if you need guidance on the above mentioned procedures. (It ain't brain surgery. Really)
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          All, thanks for your suggestions. Just found out that the City of Craig rents walk-in freezer space. Contact the Craig Harbor Master at (907) 826-3404. Rates for storing a cooler is $10 per week adn $30 per month. Thanks to all.


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            I would strongly recommend that you salt the hide instead of freezing it. It will be much better preserved for future transport, it will be a lot lighter, and have less chance of the hair slipping (that is, tainting and the hair falling out). I seen where guys have rolled up a bear hide and put it in the freezer and had hair slippage due to the insulating nature of the hide and bacterial action that takes place in the interior of the hide before it has time to freeze.


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