Caribou hunting out of Kotzibue



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  • Caribou hunting out of Kotzibue

    Hello I am new to this forum and am looking for a little heads up.
    A friend and I have A caribou hunt planed for late Sept. out of Kotzibue, and would appreciate any Info on what to expect. It is the first time for either of us on a hunt of this type.(fly in do it yourself) Both of us are experienced hunters in the lower 48 but have never been to Alaska. Any info on meet care (cooling or freezing) in Kotz. places to stay,People to know would be great.


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    Start by doing extensive searches on these forums. The best way is go to google and click on "Advanced search" to the right on the entry box. Then enter the search words (try "Kotzebue caribou" or "Kotz caribou"). Toward the bottom you will see "Search within a site or domain". Enter in this box.

    I have spent many days pouring over good info researching for my upcoming caribou hunt. This is the best place to start.

    Good luck.


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      You wouldn't happen to be from Alabama would you?


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        Do you already have an air charter? Meat care will be pretty easy as it should be plenty cold. Just keep it dry. We had good luck shipping meat to Anchorage with Northern Air Cargo.


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          Who is your air service with?


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            Thanks for the "advanced search" tip it works great. I am from Pennsylvania, and shipping meat is a great concern we are about to book flights and are not sure witch way would be best to get meat home. I have read of packing it in Kotz. and shipping it Fed X , or taking it on the plane as extra baggage, someone said Alaska airlines has freezers.

            We are booked with Ram aviation.


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              Book your flight on Alaska airlines and you can take it on as extra baggage no problem. Ship all your gear ahead in 14 Gal Tupperware containers with the USPS, you can ship antlers back with the Airlines and they can sell you an antler box at the ticket counter in Kotz. I took along a bicycle box and broke it down in my duffle to ship the antlers back. just brought along extra shipping tape to tape the box together, $110. Do more research on your transporter, make sure you agree to terms. Food is expensive in Kotz, expect to pay around $20 for a lunch. They have a store to buy snack stuff and other groceries to cut down on food cost if your stuck. The library has free internet access and 2 computors to use, just ask for a temporary card to get on as most phone services do not work out there. They are some fine B & B's to stay at in town allot better than the 2 hotels you have to choose from. Your cape can be taken home as extra baggage , use a boundary waters waterproof bag to ship this home on the airlines, ship all other gear home with the USPS. USPS is only open a couple of hours per day to be sure to find out the hours per day too. Good Luck


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                Thanks for the great information Steveo,the B&B sounds great, we do plan to stay in Kotz 1 night after returning from hunting, so as not to be rushed packing meat and other things that will need to be shipped, and to shower and sleep in a real bed before the long flight home.


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