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Bison ... Chitna and Copper River hunts

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  • Bison ... Chitna and Copper River hunts

    I've struck out 29 years in a row for a Delta Bison permit. For a number of years, I tried also for a Farewell permit - no go there, either. Perhaps I need to add Chitna and Copper River to my annual F+G donation.

    For those who know, are those 2 hunts actually viable? Are they boat, ATV or foot hunts? What's access like? And are there Bison enough to warrant the effort? (I realize there are some land ownership issues to deal with.)

    I still have the option to book a hunt in Alberta/NWT, but I'd prefer to hunt a wild herd in Alaska.

    Thanks for the info.

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    Most of the herd is found on AHTNA land and requires their trophy fee/access fee...whatever you want to call it. $1500 the last time I checked. If I had a strong desire for a bison I'd probably wouldn't have an issue to pay the price.
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      Last time I checked, the hunt in Alberta/NWT was $4000, but that was 2 years ago, with a stronger US dollar. $1500 isn't that bad, as long as there are ample animals and they're accessible. I'm probably going to include the winter Farewell hunt again in my annual F+G donation.

      I'm looking for info on the Copper and Chitna hunts. Like to know what I'm possibly getting myself into.


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        I"ve hunted the Copper River herd, did back to back hunts in 2009 and 2010. ~ Dad drew one year and my buddy the other. In the fall its a boat hunt and the copper can be quite an adventure with sand bars, etc. The area where they are at is quite rough. You can find the herd on non-Ahnta land occasionaly in the fall. In the winter its a snogo hunt and the bison are nearly always on Ahtna property. Traversing the Copper River is not for the faint of heart. We did it both years in late February and early March, and found quite a bit of open water. Once you get in there, you will find the bison living on the bluffs of the river. Getting up to them is quite a challenge, although they will come down to the rivers occasionaly.

        This is a tough hunt with lots of access issues. I don't know as much about the Chitna opportunity but I think the herd is also on Ahtna property. I know there are super cub strips for the fall hunt, not sure about accessing in the winter.
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          chitna herd is mostly on public land up river a hour or so near the glaciers..about 60 something up there. i stared at all of them last fall bear hunting...nice bulls in that pod.

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            I was one of two Chitina tag holders in 2002. I flew in near Barnard Glacier in early October with Wrangell Mtn Air out of McCarthy. Saw a tremendous solo bull on the flight in. Had good weather the whole week, walked about 150 miles, never saw another bison.
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              erik man that'd bite! geez i've been up by barnard and hawkins quiet a bit and the herd has been right there the whole time. best bet if you cant' find them is climb part way up the mtns on the north side of the river and look for them....they ain't bright
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                Did the Copper river hunt this year. Paid the Ahtna permit for both my son and I and we each got a Bison. Used a raft on the Copper. It was a fun hunt! Spent 6 days hunting, three trips.


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                  I know this is old thread, but where did you put in and take out? Where were the Bison? How was the river for floating - easy or difficult?


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