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    Well I'm retarded when it comes to searching on this site! Everytime I've used it I end up find something else of intrest never what I was looking for. Anyways I read a rifle review on here about a youth rifle the poster bought his wife that came out of the box with a muzzle break that could be turned off. It was a 308. Does anyone know what manufacturer that would be from. The review was all positive.

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    My experience has been similar. I don't have much appreciation for the search tools on the site unless you are searching by the name of the person (that works pretty well).

    I would suggest going to google. Just to the right of where you enter your keywords there is a small link for "advanced search". When you get to that screen, enter your search terms. At the very bottom you can enter the domain that you would like to search. Enter this: and you will only search this site.

    Typically what I do from that point is open each of the results that look good in a separate tab by right clicking and selecting new tab. If the page isn't helpful, I just close the tab and get back to the results.

    Hope this helps, it has done wonders for me.


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      Try looking into Boss muzzle break by Browning.


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        Savage makes one stock. My FIL had one on his Stryker that you could close up by just twisting it.

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          Thanks for the search tip! Works wonders and found what I was looking for.
          It's was the savage twist type muzzle break.


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