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Black Bear hide quality late august

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  • Black Bear hide quality late august

    I am thinking of booking a Dall Sheep Hunt that will take place in late August near Denali. The outfitter offers the possibility to take either a black or brown bear. I am wondering if anyone could give me an idea of what the quality of the hides would be that early in the season. Most of my bear hunting has been in the spring as they come out if the dens. I would be most interested in a Black Bear as I was lucky to get a very nice Brown Bear near Dillingham last spring. Also, what would the size of either black or brown bear likely be near Denali.

    Any info would be appreciated.


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    Late Aug bear hides are not great, not thick, not long. More fuzzy. But, if it is your only black bear it will still look great on the wall.
    Winter pelt is just beginning to grow. Mid Sept much better. What a difference three weeks makes.
    Have a great sheep hunt. Pls post a story and pictures of a ram, and that black bear that you will get


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      It should be really even and not really rubbed bad like they tend to get in the spring, as for bear size, I don't have a whole lot of experience, but, because ther arent many salmon make it up there, the bears (it would be blacks and grizzlys, not browns) will, on average, be a litle smaller, but a nice 6' blacke should be doable. listen you your guide, he didn't get there by his good looks. if you want a GREAT bear, go south to the salmon rivers, but if you want a good representative, denali blacks are good. again, I don't have a ton of experience, you guide would know better than I
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