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Need some help w/ attending the DU dinner in Anchorage!

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  • Need some help w/ attending the DU dinner in Anchorage!

    I know how low I'll go to try and win something. At least I live here, unlike so many others who try and pirate your votes for some out of state thing.

    What I request is that you please go to and like the page then scroll to the Ducks Unlimited dinner contest post and PLEASE like my comment. If I get the most I'll win a ticket to go. It's through the base, I'm in the AF here.

    Thanks to all who help.
    P.S. you can unlike the ymca when your done if you don't want all their notifications on your page.

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    How much does the DU dinner cost? $100? Surely, it has to be less expensive than your dignity! Or not..

    I will never understand these types of Posts.

    Good luck on your Quest for a "free" ticket, so you can go To a "Fund Raising" dinner Banquet for DU!


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      I gotta second supercub on this one, just buy a ticket buddy.


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        Come on hero... I have served for 22 years and know now that the Govt Shutdown has been should be able to at least come out on the 22nd for the miltary appreciation night.

        Says the single ticket is 55$ and couple is 110$..I am sure if you love the sport and conservation efforts provided by Ducks can find a way to get there.

        Break out the checkbook, CCard or whatever it takes to come out and enjoy the fun...please dont post on here and ask others to do what you are asking them to do....I understand your goal..but a little out of the norm.

        Alaska Outdoor Forum is a great place to communicate with others like yourself and gather a ton of information to be successful on your hunting or outdoor adventures...along with other contributing factors..but to come on here and ask for a free handout is a little different. Think about this and dont take this the wrong way.

        Just buy the ticket and come will have is a tax write off for next

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