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    I'm going to agree with those that believe large, mature "TEN Foot" boars don't (often) exist out in western Alaska, in the hunt area mentioned by the OP and the outfitter he is interested in hunting with. Western Alaska has a very healthy population of brown bears that appears to top out at 9'3" or 9'6". I have actually only observed about 50 dead brown bears out there, but have knowledge of another 100+- dead bears. None, zero, exceeded an honest 9'6"s squared.
    Those western Alaska bears get pursued by a gaggle of resident and nonresident guided hunters. In the spring they get "pursued" by the boys on snow machines, a practice that I personally dislike, as well as the airplane guides, and the spot & stalk/run & gun guys. In the fall they get whacked by the guides as well as "targets-of-opportunity" by resident moose hunters.
    Although hunted as hard as any area in the state, there is still a very high population of brown bears in western Alaska. Brown bears between 8'6"s and 9'3"s are common, but ten foot boars would be extremely few and very far inbetween.

    So where would a hunter go to have a reasonable chance of seeing a legit 10 foot square brown bear?
    Kodiak or the Alaska Peninsula (as prev mentioned).
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      Originally posted by BRWNBR View Post
      maybe reg, so whats the story with donavon? when and where are you trying to go out to the wood tikchik park with him?
      i keep saying theres really only two places to really target 10 foot bears, the peninsula and kodiak. they kill them elsewhere but the odds are lower.
      i'd say half way down the peninsula and farther and just about anywhere on kodiak. they take some nice ones outa the wood park area...but a 10 would be beating the odds by alot...just from what i've seen out there.
      i hunt the other side of the same hills on a regular basis...i'll have to agree with jake on the size thing...not a bunch of ten footers in the tikchiks...but nine foot is a good goal on the upper end of the spectrum...and a superb bear for the area.

      on another note...i know brian personally...a hard working hunting guide, and a very capable woodsman. i beleive his clients have a good hunt from what i know of him and his brother sean.


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