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  • glacier bear book

    Looking for a book on alaskan glacier bears (are there glacier bears outside of Alaska?) anybody got a recommendation? Can't seem to find one. Specifically looking for a hunting book but would also look at a non hunting glacier bear book if you know of one.

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    How about a guide from the yakutat area? Anybody got a recommendation for a good guide or two going after glacier bears?


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      Used to be a guide that sort of specialized in Glacier Bears (? Jim Keeline, or something like that) but I don't think he is still in the guiding business. I do recall that if you did shoot a blue bear there was an extra $10,000 trophy fee - that did catch my attention. He concentrated his efforts around the Icy Bay area for what it is worth. Good luck, they rank right up there with hen's teeth. I have always wanted to try for one ... but always seem to have too many irons in the fire (and too few $!) They apparently come in several shades of blue from what appears to be a deep blue to a gun metal blue-black and seem to change color or hue depending upon the incident light. Quite the trophy and have been found anywhere from Fairbanks to Juneau.
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        I think this year's Remington Calender has a picture of a blue bear for the month of August - at least it looks blue in the light of the room it is in. The calender, not the bear!
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          This one has come up before:

          As far as glacier bear in other areas, yes. However not the density that there is around Juneau and YAK. I was at a sportsmans show in 2005 in Syracuse, NY and there was a guide there from Ontario who shot a glacier bear. He had a pic in one of the albums on his booth table and I paged through it and asked if he ever shot any other glacier bear. He did not know what a glacier bear was and he said that was the only one that they have shot with that phase of color. He did say that he saw another one when hunting. I found it odd that he had not heard the term glacier bear.

          The guides in YAK do not get glacier bear every year. And if you ask fish and game you will find that most years only a very few 2-4 are harvested.

          There is a book about them, sort of:


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            The Blue Bear by Lynn Schooler. He took Michio Hoshimo in search of the blue bear. Right after that Michio got ate up in Russia. I think Lynn still has his boat and lives in Juneau.Excursion inlet has a fair number of them
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