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    Frogman- I fly every year with firearms, frequently throught DTW and annually SEA and have had good experiences and some not so good. I've learned that the TSA and airline regulations change and in turn I check both frequently before I travel. The day I travel I print out both and take them with me. The reason is that you airline agents in the lower 48 have little experience checking firearms, it's good to know what to do.

    As others have said current regs require you to lock the gun case after airlines and TSA inspection. You'll go to the gate, show agent your firearm and demonstrate it's not loaded. They'll contact TSA where you'll do the same. Lock you case and your done.

    When laying over as you are in Seattle they'll keep you luggage, and firearm, for you. No need to reclaim you luggage unless you have too.

    Good luck finding a place to lay down at the airport. For $125 you can get a room nearby and cop a few zzs with the guys your travelling with.

    PM me and I'll get on the phone with you if you want.


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