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    A recent thread called "Bye Bye Spike Fork" had me thinking, "Where do I find other changes at this point." Up until this forum brought that change into the light, I was planning to take my son to the Kenia Peninsula for a moose hunt. But with the stakes raised to 4 brow tines, no spike fork...I have better prospects locally in the Mat-Su! Or at least I think so! So here's the question: Where can we find out this information now, during the time alot of us are planning, budgetting and getting supplies for our hunts? I went to the ADF&G site and am not even finding the change mapped out in the "Bye Bye Spike Fork" thread.

    Anyone got some leads of where to look?.............

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    You probably will not find it yet. The reg books dont usually come out until the first week of June. Any pertinent or current changes will be put out by EO ( emergency orders). Since the book will be printed before the season starts that will probably be the first time you will see it since there is no need for an emergency order for something that is going to take effect 4 or 5 months later. The best you could do is call F&G and they can tell you. If not then you will have to wait until the new books come out.


    • #3 Will get you the SC changes Region 2 Will get you the Mat su meeting changes for Region 4

      Though there will be little detail, it will show that some decison was made.
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        fish and game was giving out all the approved changes to the regulations for next year during the GASS. I picked up a copy. I can either scan it and send it to you or try and answer a specific question. All moose taken on the Kenai Peninsula must also be sealed. In 15A and C, general season moose is now closed for nonresidents.


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          I picked up a copy of the changes at the ADF&G booth at the sportsman's show. That is one reason why I went, just to see the changes. They always hand them out at the show. Anyhow, there are a lot of changes. Here are a few that caught my eye

          Unit 16A and 16B for Brown Bear- Extend season year round (Except around Wolverine Creek)

          Unit 14A for Moose- Establish a winter antlerless moose hunt from Jan. 1-Feb. 25. And Establish a new type of permit, hot-spot hunt. Not quite sure how this is going to work. It says hunters sign up to be on some type of waiting list that has a deadline to sign up. Then the list will be used if there is an excess of moose in localized pockets. Hunters from the list will be chosen from a lottery.

          Coyote- Increase bag limit to no limit in multiple areas including Units 13-16.

          Many more, but I am not going to write them all down.


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            Thanks guys! And thanks very much for the thread with all the changes. Some really exciting changes. My freezer may actually get full this year!


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              Originally posted by germe1967 View Post
              Thanks guys! And thanks very much for the thread with all the changes. Some really exciting changes. My freezer may actually get full this year!
              Heck ya! that winter moose season will prolly save my bacon (and tenderloin). The area around here just gets HAMMERED till january when the cold starts commin in, some people even pull thier traps when it hits 40 below....don't see why... a fresh gun pile would be nice addition to the trap line.
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