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Northern Air Trophy for Caribou?

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  • Northern Air Trophy for Caribou?

    Who has used Northern Air Trophy and what are your thoughts? Looking to go for Bou possibly next September and I've seen some positive postings on here about this charter service. I'd be interested in the drop camp option they have...... where you provide everything and they just get you in. Any info you have about your experience would be greatly appreciated. Some of the things I'd like to know are:

    Do they put you in the Bou the majority of the time?
    Will they relocate you if your not amongst the caribou and are they timely about it?
    caliber of bulls one could expect in the herd in their area?
    overall committment to customer service?

    Thanks in advance for any help or advice you may have.


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    Theres a interesting thread already started about 4 or so down, you might want to read it...
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      B&C 04,
      I noticed that thread just a minute or so after posting mine. That post certainly takes some wind out of my sails so to speak!


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        I've used them once before, probably would not again. Their competitors seem to have it more together.


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          Do not use them. PM me if you need any details.


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