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  • Haul road report

    I just came back from the haul road the roads are way better than I thought they would be. Good weather up there northern lights are good. Now for the caribou, the question is what bou. We did not go any further than happy valley and maybe they were further north but south of that we did not see a single caribou. We did not just drive the road looking we stopes about every half mile and glassed as far as our optics could see and saw nothing. Kinda disappointing but we made the best of it and did some stands with the fox pro on the way home and got one coyote. Called in several lynx but out of season is out of season. If you are going out there good luck to ya and hopefully they show up.

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    If you were camped at the Solid Waste Transfer Station, I saw you on my drive up. I went all the way to Prudhoe to take my Jeep across the ice road to Barrow. No caribou to be seen anywhere.
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      Don't worry, we can hunt Ibex and Gazelle in a couple months.
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        Why yes we can!


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