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Nebraskan coming to Alaska Moose hunting needs advice

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  • Nebraskan coming to Alaska Moose hunting needs advice

    Hello everyone, I am new to this forum(I am an avid memeber of the Nebraska version).

    Any way I had a college friend move to Alaska a couple of years ago, and he had convinced me to come up moose hunting with him this Sept. As I understand it we will be hunting Unit 7 and taking a boat out to Day Harbor.

    I guess what I am wanting to know is what to expect as far as numbers of moose, size, if I should also buy a black bear tag, gear that I should bring that most people may not think of, and any other advice would be great.

    This for me is a once in a lifetime hunt, so I am trying to do as much research as possible.


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    You should probably start by not advertising your hunting location to the entire internet or else your friend is going to un-invite you, and after that, I'd start saving money for incidentals. Whether you shoot a spike or a 72 incher, it's going to cost you a lot to get it processed and mailed back to your cornfield. Chances are good that if you hunt other stuff in Nebraska, you've got plenty of gear already... be sure to remember your rain jacket.
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      There are certainly black bear in that area, so it couldn't hurt to have the tag if you don't mind the extra expense. I know nothing about the moose population in that area. If it is indeed a diamond in the rough, SkinnyD's advice is good.


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        thanks guys


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          Go Big Red


          I just moved here from Nebraska myself. Your deer gear will be more than sufficient here in September. Better rain gear may be required as I was able to get by with cheap stuff when down that direction but have upgraded since arriving in The Last Frontier. I got into nasty conditions down there all the time so my footwear is up to the task as well. I don't know what you carry for a smokepole/bow but it's probably plenty adequate. It doesn't take a cannon to kill an animal.

          You won't get to hunt bear in Nebraska! It's a few hundred dollars more just for the tag, then add transport for the hide and possible taxidermy and you are talking $$$. But, if it's a one and done trip then it's probably better to have the legal means to kill a bear than to watch it walk into the mists of regret.

          Bring a camera, lots of batteries, and something waterproof to house it all in. Keep your gear dry, let yourself soak up the rest of the experience.

          Go Big Red!


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            Great advice and will assume your buddy has a boat..might want to grab a fishing liscense as well. Great fishing in the coves and as Brian stated...bears as well. I would not expect to see a ton of moose in that area..but with the pressure in the other valleys..might push them in there. Plan on hiking way back in there. Might consider checking into a good backpack.

            Good luck
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              Not sure what time in September you're hunting, but you should practice your moose calls during the summer and prepare. You can always buy a moose call as well (lots of videos on the internet). Also, study a map. You can use google earth to get the lay of the land. I like to use my GPS when I'm out and about. But a compass is a good backup if you know how to use it. (Bring your GPS and a compass).


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                Day harbor moose hunt? I did not know that moose hung out on cliffs.....Learn something new every day.

                After looking at the area with Google Earth I would say you might see 5 to 6 moose there in what would be moose habitat. How many moose you will see up on the cliffs - I have no idea. Would any of the handful of moose be legal bulls? Probably not, but there might be a little spike-fork walking around for the first 48 hours of the season in August.

                If there are moose in Day Harbor then several thousand people know about it since it is a very popular fishing spot with lots of private recreational cabins/lots all around the perimeter of the bay.

                Don't do once in a life time hunts in hunt units that offer a few resident only drawing tags in very small sections of the unit near heavily populated (easy access) areas and then have the remainder of the unit (national park or perserve mostly) as an over the counter harvest ticket. Fish and Game is basically telling you "good luck finding any moose let a lone a legal bull" in the remainder of the area.

                Since this unit opens for moose on August 20 any legal bull will more than likely already be in someone's freezer by the time you show up in September.


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                  Ya sorry, talked to my buddy tonight and we are fishing Day Harbor and Hunting around seward someplace(unit 7). thanks for all the advice


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                    Originally posted by ricky123 View Post
                    Ya sorry, talked to my buddy tonight and we are fishing Day Harbor and Hunting around seward someplace(unit 7). thanks for all the advice
                    I believe I'd still bring my rain jacket. Camera too. The pictures will be worth the trip.

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                      Be careful bud the new BOG regs might have eliminated non-res hunts for moose in units 7 and 15, although it might just be for 15. There's a serious lack of bulls on the k-pen right now and if your looking for a once in a lifetime hunt you may want to see if your buddy is interested in going somewhere else unless he's got a real honey hole on the K-pen. In the very least you should be able to get some black bear there are lot's of them right now on the K-pen and in the fall you will want to hunt up high in the berry patches.


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                        Nm it was just for 15A and C, so you should still be good in 7 but like I said there aren't many bulls on the kenai right now, and if your coming up more for the experience and a good chance at a black bear you will like the KP, but if you really want a moose it's gonna be tough.


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