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becoming a transporter for big game, fishing ect.

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  • becoming a transporter for big game, fishing ect.

    Can anybody tell me the basics about becoming a transporter other than needing a six pack and buying insurance. Specifically i was wondering if the rules were like guiding in that you needed an expensive permit for a particular area?

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    You can find all of the information on the fish and game website. The rules are not like guiding, except guides can transport their own clients. You can call the licensing folks. There is two people who issue licenses. Karl Marx and Cynthia Spencer. They are the most helpful folks I have ever talked on the phone with. If every place had customer service like those two provide: the world would be a better place.

    The specific person issues the license based on the first letter of your last name. Karl issues licenses for the fist half of the alphabet and Cynthia issues for the last half. Karl's number is 907-465-2543. Cynthia's number is 907-465-2691.

    Good luck


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      Hey thanks for the input. You saved me some serious time.


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