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Moose and Caribou recommendations

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  • Moose and Caribou recommendations

    Hi all,

    I am looking for some recommendations for my 2012 season. I should be back from from Afghanistan and want to secure a Moose and Caribou. I'm thinking about a fly in hunt above the Brooks Range and float back towards the haul road for Caribou. Not sure about Moose. Maybe a fly in to a lake, or possibly a raft trip? I'm looking for all DIY hunts. Not really looking for guided hunts. What are your guys recommendations??

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    Only one place I would call that perfectly suits your needs for a float caribou hunt, Call Mike at 70 degrees North, Top notch all the way.


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      I would have to second Mike at 70 North but I don't think you will see to many moose up that way. I would call "Terry" and have him tell you all of his SECRET Moose spots. there is a lot of time to plan a hunt. Are you going solo or do you have a partner?

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        I don't have a dedicated partner at this time, but the hunt is a long way off. Once I have everything coordinated it isn't too hard to find someone that wants to come along. If all else fails I'll go by myself, not preferred but it'll do.


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          +2 for Mike at 70 North for Caribou


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            Call Mike for your caribou hunt north of the brooks range, you wont find a better guy to deal with than Mike.... I am sure other people are just as easy to work with, but Mike has treated us well the three or four times our group has used him.... And I am using him again this fall... Good Luck


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              Thanks guys,

              Looks like I'll be giving 70 North a call. Now what do you guys think about finding a Moose?


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                Drew, I diod not mention moose hunting, even though its a great hunt, its just a draw hunt, DM890 and DM891! If you get drawn, they will get you on the moose. I''ve seen the moose in the willows, just got to get drawn, lol. And if you dont have a partner yet, A solo moose hunt is crazy work(would recommend a caribou hunt first). I did one with Mike before I started doing my own flying and got a nice 60"er.



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