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Help aging my mnt. goat

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  • Help aging my mnt. goat

    Just got my 2009 mountain goat back from the taxidermist.

    Came out better than I expected which is always a great thing. Anyways in our haste to get home I never got a chance to have my goat get aged by the F&G in Kodiak. Figure if I post a pic or two off the horns you guys could perhaps help me get close and maybe even help me learn how to better age goats in the future. Bighorse I am counting on ya and I will demand a recount when you get up to my place prior to the DCUA hunt

    Here is the field pic:
    Here is a pic of the rug:

    Here are a couple pics of the horn:

    Thanks for any help

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    Cant help with the age but they did an amazing job on the rug it looks great! Who did the work?


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      a close up pic of the back side of the horns would help .... that is where to count the annual growth rings more accurately ... but I see that can be hard with the scent glands in the way.

      Did you ever have it scored?

      I could see 6 1/2 or 7 1/2 years old.
      johnnie laird


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        Luke, that is an awesome mount. I would guess him at about 8.5 to 9.5 yo, he may even have one more near the hair. They grow most of their horn in the first 2.5 years. You can see the 1.5 and 2.5 lines clearly. After that the rings get real close together. I used to have a great link but can't find it now.

        Again awesome, you have me wishing I would have rugger mine. Congrats on a wonderful trophy.

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          Initially, i want to say six or seven years old (could be wrong). But agree with MUSKEG, that we need a close-up from the back side. Push that black gland away from the horn so those tiny growth years can be counted. The growth rings are "worn" down in the front, and therefore hard to count. From the back side they will not be as "worn down", and will be easiorer to count.

          Sensational rug mount!!!!!
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            8.5 y/o from what I see. It appears what is farther below is part of the mount & due to coloring the base that the horn mounts to? Nice rug.


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              8.5, nice mature billy. I agree were seeing some taxi work. 98% confident in that. Good mount for ya, congrats!


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                Dang man that mount did turn out purty good! Cant wait to see mine, though it sure isn't going to be in the same category as that stud. When is your DCUA adventure? I wouldn't mind getting together with you guys before you head out if I am around.


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                  I fly into Anchorage on the 29th of August, We should be up there on the 30th. I'd enjoy meeting you in person.

                  Can I revise my initial estimate, please. 7.5, I'm with Johnnie. So much for 98% eh!


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                    That is perfect! With a couple packers like you and Luke in town that really opens up my moose hunting area for the 27/28th.

                    In all seriousness I will be hard after moose for sure around that time but don't plan on going too far from home so I imagine I will be able to drag my smelly hind end out of the woods long enough to drink a beer or two and share some hunting stories. Besides, I should be fresh back from the Brooks and hopefully in possession of some "incentive" pictures!


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                      That is a Nice Way to do up a Mt Goat there Luke, Beautiful

                      Let us know what you find, can you still get an official to take a look at it?

                      I'm curious, cause when watching the F&G in Kodiak count mine out, this fall, then looking at this one
                      I am thinking it's younger than most are thinking,
                      (for what it's worth also, even tho I shot it in Nov, etc. The F&G folks said they do not go for the half year thing, it's one or the other, but not any .5 action)

                      The first year is a tremendous amount of the entire length, tho
                      and from my "Very Limited" experience but watching closely and asking how it was done in kodiak,
                      I think 6-7yrs or so, what was the length measurement?

                      here's the one I'm talking about for comparison, pretty easy to read but officially six yrs, 10" length

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                        I agree with Fish and Feathers on the anti .5 deal. It is just silly, they are all born at the same time in late May/early June and then we hunt them at the same time in the fall. An August goat for instance will be x years 3 months every time.


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                          Great Pic Luke, beautiful billy.


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                            Beautiful Rug. I am going to say its 6 years old. Good luck this fall!


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                              Please keep in mind that those growth rings can be as little as 1/16 of an inch. So when you officially age a goat at F&G there is a slot where the measurer marks a degree of certainty.


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