2011 Mat-Su Outdoorsman Show this weekend (25th, 26th, 27th)



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  • 2011 Mat-Su Outdoorsman Show this weekend (25th, 26th, 27th)

    Who is going to the Mat-Su valley outdoorsman show this weekend? First show of the year, only $5, military ID free, kids under 12 free. I have never been so I will be going. I'm thinking Friday or Sunday, Saturday will be a day of ice fishing. I think I will go to the moose calling seminar and maybe the bottom fishing one. My wife wants to go to the Denali on a budget one. Sounds fun, plus I wanted to say hi to the trapping booth.

    Maybe see you there. I will have a 2007 Colony HS hoodie, brown carharts, and a blue under armor hat on. :topjob:


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    No I did not graduate in 2007 I found it at the thrift store. I bought it since I work there and it says Colony and I'm supose to wear Colony gear on Fridays, lol.


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      I think we'll be going. Was going to go to the Anchorage one, but we've got a handgun class all that weekend.


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        Yeah, the price is good, and it's close to me, but it's a very small show.

        And, I'd druther go to the Gun Show in Palmer.

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          Ill go on Sunday for the moose calling bring my son with me should be a good time
          Is it opening day of duck season yet
          Member of Alaska Waterfowl Association


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            I'll be there. I like it way better than the Anchorage show cause theres not so many knuckleheads. I hope the Mat-Su Sportsmans Committee has a booth there so I can go collect my share of my property taxes that were squandered. If they resist I'll just confiscate their whole booth and try to sell it at the door for firewood. All I know is if our borough representatives are there I'll have to notify the Frontiersman so they can report how our elected representatives are spending our money.

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