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Knight Island PWS Bear Hunting

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  • Knight Island PWS Bear Hunting

    Has anybody had any experience hunting Knight Island for black bears in mid May? Also, if anybody has where are good places to anchor for a good camp site? Any other info would be appreciated.
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    hard to find any place better than disk island for anchorage. I've hunted herring bay in mid May. I personally find the northern end of the sound better for bear hunting, and you get the added benefit of some good shrimpn.
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      Could you PM me your experience about hunting in Herring Bay?
      "In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks." John Muir


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        Jhonson bay. Its deep and safe. Saw four 5 to 6 foot blackies there last year. Beeeeeutifull fur on them. Good eating too! Hike up from shore 20 yards and make camp. Dont forget a tarp under and over your tent as its very wet.


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          Best time...

          What is on average a good time to hit the north western part of PWS for black bears? I am getting back from a deployment in a week or so and was hoping to do a 4-5 day hunt in the near future. Are they out in late April or is it best the first couple of weeks in May?



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            Hunted near there. Killed a good bear on the beach last spring. May 18 to be exact. Squared somewhere in the 6'2 to 6'8 range, didn't have a tape to put on him at the time and now he's being rugged. Didn't see lots of bears, but saw a couple of bruisers (7'+).

            Be out in the evenings and morning, find the little areas of green grass they'll be eating on.... go sit and be quiet and patient.... they'll come out.
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              bump, any more Knight Island info out there? Any thoughts on Drier Bay or heading all the way to the bottom to Mummy Bay? Thanks


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