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    Not with standing the "technology argument" has anyone tried this? Experience?
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    I haven't used it in the field as of yet but playing with it in the house I can say its by far the most amazing app I've seen. There's another slow thread on it just down the page.

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      I got this app this morning and tried on my drive home from work. It worked great. Speed and change in altitude was right on the money. For 4 bucks it's pretty amazing to me. I'll try it in a couple weeks when I'm out looking for a brown bear.
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        Sounds pretty good. I checked it out on Cabela's website and on the iTunes website, downloading it now.
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          Maps seem to be OK. Defiantly worth the $4. Scrolled around my normal hunting spots in hopes it will cache the maps. Just need a test run where there is no signal to see how it works.

          Sure glad I have a power/cigarette lighter port on my 4 wheeler now LOL.
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