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  • info on DI403

    hey folks, I got my notice for this draw. I am hoping that someone out there has some helpful information. I will do my homework but if someone did go on this hunt and give me some help I would be grateful!!! Yes I am stoked!!! I have been trying for 20years and I must have an angel that helped me!! I know what it feels like not to be lucky!!! Thanks ahead of time for any and all help. good luck to all

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    DI403 is the Delta Bull Bison Hunt.
    I hope you were drawn early so you can start your hunt early as this is no longer an out-the-pickup-window hunt.
    Hunt in October if you can and be prepared to put in a good effort. Success is very low this year.


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      thanks I am a 20 year resident and used to be stationed in delta. I hunt old school alot of walking and stalking!!! I am so excited. If I do hunt on private land I will share some of my bounty!!!


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