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Thinkin' Spring is comming soon 'round here....

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  • Thinkin' Spring is comming soon 'round here....


    Let me tell ya what I'm thinking here, its a critical timma year 'round here and you have to be on your toe's.....
    Rabbit blasting and Ptarmigan Popping is in full swing, Shee fish are arriving in the village in peoples sleds, and thats picking up ......

    One great thang is that my ride is in good shape, and some Wolves , Female Caribou and Wolverine would make for a good ride, pending some gasoline ~~LOL!!~~
    The oldest son has been luring us down to his village to pick up Seals and watch the bands of Caribou go by.....
    Im having my oldest daughter off the see the Trailblazers in Portland and check out some other stuff, so were padding her pocket before my gastank, but this next week looks good in both finace and weather.
    I wish I had a spare ride and could invite some fellas up, its awsome to share such rides.

    Then theres April....Caribou are massing and the animals that follow them are worth catching as well, Browngrizz, Wolves, Wolverine untill mid month.....and then, the last days of April, Geese will arrive by the pound and by the ton...... and Sheefishing should be lucrative too.....Marmots and Ground Squirrles, Ocean ducks and bull Caribou to dry on racks, before the flys get real bad.......and then breakup in May, a whole different story..........
    There will be a definit pick up on Hunting storys here, lets hope their plentyfull.....who knows whattle happen......

    Whats every one else out there got to choose from on their Hunting menu???

    A Fellow can't do it all,........... but to die trying is Noble and Just:topjob:~~LOL!!!~~
    If you can't Kill it with a 30-06, you should Hide.:topjob:

    "Dam it all", The Beaver told me.....

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    Stranger your a lucky man, hopefully when the blackys start poking their heads out in a couple of months I'll have one on the ground.


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      Looks like you've got your spring lined out in fine form, Stranger. Watch for the open water and be safe. Anxiously awaiting your campfire stories that are sure to be coming!


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        blue grouse in northern southeast up in the hills...soon as they start hooting, we start climbing. then it's bears out west for me stranger...but bears keep me happy, i'm weird like that. you stay safe out there...and good hunting.


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          I will be after the bears when my son gets home from college. Then its all about the fishing at our cabin for a while, and after that theres work to do on our new generator shed followed by sheep, caribou and maybe a moose.
          US Air Force - retired and Wildlife photographer

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            I still havent decided if Im going bear hunting or not. And thats about it for choices down this way until august/september rolls around.

            Springtime goose season sure sounds fun. Plus I like to eat goose meat. Maybe Ill fly out there and try that out.

            Hopefully the spring construction is good, Then Ill have plenty of paychecks to hang on the rack


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              Been looking for bear the last couple of days plus early tourist should start showing soon. My best find for the winter was a sick young Golden eagle that was sent to Anchorage for rehab
              Now left only to be a turd in the forrest and the circle will be complete.Use me as I have used you


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