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  • Possible Deer Hunting Spots

    I have looked at all the old threads and found a lot of info on deer hunting Alaska. So I know it has been hammered time and time again, but I am kinda lost. I am looking at doing a deer hunt next fall and am wondering where is the better place to go. What I am looking at (if possible) is to take a ferry down to either POW or Kodiak and stay at a public use cabin. Load up the ATV's and head down to tak the ferry and stay in the warmth of the State. I will be hunting with resident hunters and would love to get a good deer and have a hunt a of a lifetime. If we had the chance for other trophies, then great, but I am interested in hunting deer. I have looked into the public use cabins in POW and most dont fit what I'm looking for. Can someone please help me out here. Im kinda stuck! Thanks

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    Logistically speaking POW is a LONG ways away. So use Kodiak. My impression is that Kodiak is best accessed via water craft vs. wheelers.

    Alot of guys here on Baranof and surrounding communities use drop bow boats with wheelers to utilize old logging roads on the various islands we've got. Often you can't go very far but far enough.

    You could come down to Sitka and hunt Kruzof island. It's got lots of trail and the Shelikof bay cabin. The bucks are not big, unless very very lucky. The scenery is magnificent on the outer coast!


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      If you choose Kodiak, and bring ATV's, I think you could do pretty well off the road system out of town. There are quite a few trails and there should be a hunt of a lifetime waiting for you if you are willing to get a ways back in there from the roads.

      If going that route, you should probably go ahead and get a permit to hunt on Leisnoi Native land, $125 for the yr I think, but there's an awful lot of land they have that is not getting hunted very hard anymore and the Deer should be thick and healthy this year.
      You might ask them about using your ATV's tho, they've had some problems with all the trails and abuse of same in the past so are not too excited about them, might not want you to use them on their land.

      If you're hunting with residents of the island, they should have some kind of boat,
      Usually the first thing I'd say, get out on the water and travel west, but the ATV's will not be much of a factor out there, no trails to speak of on the Refuge.

      Can't tell ya much about the land use cabins, never used 'em. If you get west of the road system,
      Better bring a Stout Tent, not much forest to speak for sheltering from the wind,
      What time of Fall are you talking about??
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