Minto blast and blast by Zodiac prop?



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  • Minto blast and blast by Zodiac prop?

    I'm pondering a trip into Minto Flats for ducks and moose. I searched (and found) quite a bit if info on the forum about access, but I have a few questions.

    1. How difficult is it to acquire a registration moose permit for the fall season? I read that the winter permits are few and hard to come by (4 day line?!), but what about the fall tags?

    2. Any reason a 14' AK Series Ranger w/ a new 25hp prop wouldn't suffice (besides limited payload)?

    3. How far South from the Elliot Hwy did the fire burn last year? Did the Flats area get burned last year?


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    1) Fall registration permits will still require waiting in line for several days at ADF&G. There is a general season out there too, so if you don't get a registration tag you can still hunt it except you'll have antler size restrictions.

    2) Other than limited payload, the boat you mention could work depending on water level and aquatic vegetation growth in the flats. Be sure that you don't short yourself on gas, especially if you have to make multiple trips to get an animal out.

    3) From what I saw and heard the flats were not too affected by fire last year. I think most of the fires were north of the flats, but someone might have better intel on that than me.


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      I wouldn't get too far out of the river channel with that prop unless I were prepared to get pretty familiar with the mud.
      Passing up shots on mergansers since 1992.


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        1)You can do the hunt with a regular moose harvest ticket as will have a shorter season though!!
        2)The raft should work...coming back upstream might be a bear...especially as you get close to the lower landing where the current speeds up and the rocks come up. In the flats you will be fine until you get off the main channels..then the mud will come up as mentioned and depending on the water level the weeds will become a real PIA.
        3)The fires didn't effect the flats at all.

        PM me if you have questions I spend a great deal of time in the flats throughout the year.


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