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    My son has this tag. Couple yrs back he had the tag North of the pass and got a nice bull.
    He plans on going off the road to a high point calling and glassing. I suggested taking the 14 foot Zodiac with a 25 horse prop and going up the middle fork from Wiseman.
    Any info would be appreciated. PM me if you like.

    Thank you Dave

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    Its a good tag.....I drew that tag in 2007 and went up there solo (no one would go with me), took a Big bull out of there which took me two days to get out, saw a number of black bears and one nice griz that I just couldn't get onto..........I was one of two successful hunters that year, they gave 20 tags and only 11 hunted..........


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      Thank you for the reply. Was thinking about taking a zodiac 25hp with a prop up the middle fork. Do you know anything about this section of the river?
      Thanks again Dave


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        I hunted this a couple of years ago and I was able to cross the Middle Fork with knee boots in several of the riffles. You may want to use a jet unit or walk the boat through the shallow places.


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