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    I am looking at purchasing a Browning Xbolt chambered in the .325WSM and was hoping to get some idea as to what others think. I currently own and love a Winchester model 70 30-06, but would like something a little bit bigger. I have no need for a gun to take to Africa, but I would love to hunt Alaska (including Brown/Grizzly Bear). I realize this has been covered before but everything I have read was from several years ago and I would like a fresh perspective. My other option would be the same rifle in the .338 WinMag caliber. Thanks

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    Buy what you can easily get shells for. I love all three of your calibers.


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      We have beat this one around a few times and it just so happens that I'm a big fan of the short 8 (325WSM). These links should get you started and Welcome to the forum.

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        I really want the same gun you are talking about, I have a couple a-bolts that I really like, and I have a friend with a .338 in the xbolt and he tells me it is also nice, I say go for it in either 338 or 325
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          Thanks for the replies, there is a Cabela's fairly close by that has a .325 in the Xbolt Medalion and a .338 in the Xbolt composite Stalker. With Cabela's being so close availability if ammo really isn't a problem. I am also looking at getting my own reloader... so I guess I will have to toss a coin to help make the final decision. I have begun saving my pennies to finance a dream hunting trip to Alaska, hopefully I will be able to make it happen soon. Thanks again for the replies


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            I have never had any problem picking up a box of 200grn Accubonds in town regardless of what time of year it is. No driving or calling store to store either, just pick em up whenever. Perhaps it could be an issue remote but if I go there I will just take a box or two along w/ me. It's not like ammo has to be brought up by dogsled or anything.


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              I shoot a 300 win mag (LA), and what I notice in the fall almost every year is my ammo is **** near out of stock at most places while the 300 WSM ammo is everywhere. My guess is that more people are shooting the LA than the SA and thus the ammo goes quicker. I have solved this problem by buying my ammo well before hunting season, but if a guy was in a could be hard. That being said, it seems like the 325 WSM is always there. Might get tougher if you were in a small town or village.


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