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looking for info on moose hunting in 14A and 14B

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  • looking for info on moose hunting in 14A and 14B

    I didnt draw anything and was wandering how the moose hunting was in 14a and b. I live in kodiak and have not been in that area. Is a boat needed or can you hike in. Is there any roads other than the obvious highway. Where would be a good starting point. Is there spots from a road to set up a camp and hunt from. Any info would help.

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    Do y'all have internet down there?

    Are you entered in any extreme huntress contests too? This is a great place to drum up support for online voting contests.
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      Almost every road off the highway in 14A or 14B is someones driveway. Every road in these units leads to someones driveway.

      Half the hunting population of the state "hunts" these units, mostly after work on their way home.

      Good news this year is that there are 3,100 people, and their house hold members, that can not hunt these units for moose since they applied for a Tier I caribou tag in unit 13. That will put a good dent in the remaining couple hundred thousand people that live within 30 minutes of these units.

      You can hike in to many spots in the mountains, but need several friends to haul out the meat. You may have to hike a day or two in before you start seeing moose sign. Could also use horses.

      Check out the Willow-Fishhook-Hatchers road areas.

      Most (not all) of the rivers in 14B are too rocky and steep to allow boat use. Light raft maybe. However, once loaded down with meat you may not be able to get it over all the boulders. In 14A there is the Little Su that is boatable. The Knik is boatable or ATVable or hikeable. Past the mouth of Jim Creek you will want an air boat most years.

      To get a good handle on the ways to access these units go to Google maps and turn on the satelite view. Pick which driveway looks like a good spot to camp in. In 14B you might camp in some gravel pits, but DOT might not like that if they are in a mood.

      Due to the competition between neighbors that live in the area don't expect anyone to actually provide helpful information about moose hunting in their back (or front) yards.

      If you have never been to the area before, you do need to take a drive sometime this summer. Go over to Homer and then drive past all that moose country to the metropolis, and then further north to Cantwell, across to Paxon, then head back south to the metropolis and home. Spend a week on the road so that you can make a better informed plan come August.


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        wow thanks didnt realize so many people lived up in the area. Im trying to find a unit that i can drive to and either pack in or set up camp off the road and hunt. I will have my truck over there in september and saw potential to use it.


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          Originally posted by tgardner77 View Post
          wow thanks didnt realize so many people lived up in the area.
          Check out unit 14C across the Knik river from 14A. Half the state population lives in 14C which is a couple hour drive from 14B. Just under a third of the state population lives in 14A.

          Originally posted by tgardner77 View Post
          Im trying to find a unit that i can drive to and either pack in or set up camp off the road and hunt.
          Unit 13 Denali highway. Again hunting the road system means you are hunting with the several thousand people that live on the road system. Make due with the situation. In Unit 13 there is an area where your only choice for access is to walk, horse back, or paddle. Open the regs and start reading up on 13.

          How did you get to Kodiak without flying into Anchorage and seeing how massive it is? Coasty Boat all the way from Washington state?


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            I just moved back last year and i drove. I didnt really stop to explore just straight on through to homer. I was out of the state for eight years. Ill look into unit 13. I was also interested in unit 16. Probably the same as 14 though.


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              Originally posted by tgardner77 View Post
              I was also interested in unit 16. Probably the same as 14 though.
              Not really, but there will be a lot of jet boats on the rivers since there are few roads other than Oil Well and Petersville. These roads are typically packed with ATV users.


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                pack in moose hunting, ain't all that fun.
                denali hwy way with the crowds, park at a vantage point and just hang out glassing and enjoy the place. do some grayling fishing in the creeks, maybe shoot some porcupines for jerky...
                personally, i'd just rather go deer hunting on the rock...instead of moose.
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                  You are going to have to find little diamonds in the rough. Little out of the way places people won't walk into.

                  Don't bother riding trails or roads unless you are planning on getting to a spot and walking.
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                    I have hunted these three areas for the last three years. I have seen a number of cows. Others I know have shot some pretty decent bulls. It's not impossible. But it is not going to be an "Outdoors Channel" hunt where you walk out into the woods, cow call three or four times and have a trophy trot out grunting.... I would strongly recommend a four wheeler unless you are going to the Susitna Flats or Palmer Hay Flats as they are not allowed there. Just a thought......


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                      Valley hunting: Cover as many miles as you can on a wheeler and hope the wide area you cover yields a bull, or go crazy and walk up hill off a road so if you do kill something, you pack it out down hill... hopefully....

                      Nothing is weirder than getting 50 yards past no shooting signs out side a subdivision and having a 54 inch bull stand up. The great thing is that all the subdivision came and asked if i needed help getting the moose out. I LOVE ALASKA!!!


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