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  • Nunivak Musk Ox

    I just returned from my Musk Ox hunt on Nunivak Island, and it was not only an adventure, but the trip of a lifetime. I got a beautiful bull, and we also took two arctic fox, and a beautiful red fox. The island is beautiful, but a very harsh environment. We had beautiful weather, but could see where you could get in real trouble in a hurry if the weather changed, which it does on a regular basis. We used Abe David as a transporter, and was very glad that we did. He knows that island like most of us know our living room, and is one of the most interesting, and friendly people I have ever met. He and his family took us in and treated us like we were family, and Moana is a wonderful cook!! This is one of the few hunts that I have gained weight on!! I think Abe said it best when he said you showed up as a client, and you left as a friend. The people of Mekoryuk are some of the most friendly people I have ever had the pleasure to be around. If anyone is going to do this hunt this fall or next spring, please PM me, and I will give you all the details. I will try to post pictures soon.

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    Congrats on that fine time in the Extreme Country, and all the harvesting success

    Anxiously waiting, for the pics and any more of the story you've got to tell.
    Always good to hear of a hunter taken care of so well,
    Congrats to Abe and family also, for job well done

    Man, would I love to go up and do that someday
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      awesome!!! dream of mine for sure.


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        We definately need some details and pictures to go along with that. Congrats!!
        Semper Fi and God Bless


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          Congrats on the Ox. I'll second the kudos for Abe, good guy and tons of interesting stories.

          Oh yeah, get those pics up brother.


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            I'm a little slow on the computer skills, so the pics are late. Like I said it was a trip of a lifetime, we rode about 40 miles on snowmachines, to where I scored on my bull. It was a very interesting ride to say the least. We saw Snowy Owls, Red Fox, Arctic Fox, and Reindeer before we ran into the Musk Ox. Abe turned us loose to check out the area, and said there is a lot of country to cover if we didn't find what we liked. Once we found the Ox I knew we wouldn't need to look any further. There were 3 bulls in the group, and all were beautiful animals. After several attempts to get a clear shot, the bull I chose finally cleared, and I took the shot. He went down where he stood. The rifle I used was a little overkill, but it was new to the family, and needed to be broke in. I used a 416 Rigby, with 400 grain solids, which worked out great. It punched a small hole in and out, with no blood shot meat, and a VERY clean kill. I also brought my 17 HMR along for fox, and am very glad I did. I would highly recommend bringing a small rifle for fox if you are interested in some great bonus fur. We saw around 10 Artic Fox, and 5 Red Fox in one day. I told Abe we were interested in shooting some fox, and he went above and beyond to let us harvest some of these beautiful critters. I actually shot the big cherry red fox right off of the hump of my Musk Ox.
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              Congrats on one of my dream hunts!
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