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  • DE318 Etolin Elk

    Looking and hoping to talk to anyone that has hunted Etolin for Elk, Drew a Bow only tag for September. Any other hunters that have this tag feel free to contact me, if nothing else we could coordinate staying out of each others, way but I am looking for someone that would share information. Thank you.

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    Don't worry, you won't be tripping over anyone.

    I'd PM you with some suggestions but can't, too new. Look around Mt. Etolin for a lake, fly in there and start hiking.

    There are some great bucks in that alpine. Bears too.

    Go later than the 1st, I'd say the last week of the hunt. I didn't see/hear any rut activity durring the first week.


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      I had the pleasure of sitting next to Mike from Coffman Cove lodging/transportation on the way to Hawaii. Give them a jingle, nice guy and very knowledgeable!!
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        September is a lovely time to be in the Panhandle. You could get an inch of rain every day.

        Buddy did the bow thing when you could hunt Zarembo. They heard a bugle on day #1, then nothing.

        Be prepared for misery and frustration. It's an extremely hard hunt to be sucessful on.

        I have a sucessful bow hunt article I can send you.


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          Could you send your sugestions to my email? Thanks


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            It is a rainy week of forced march unless you fly around then spot and stalk next day. Biologist will advise you to stay home unless your a glutton for punishment but I must admit I would go again given a chance. They were half mile from beach while we came in from a week long arduous rain march from the mtn top lake. Stay near coast high ground and bugle


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              I drew the late season hunt. Reports from previous hunters are discouraging, but the potential is there and it would be pretty exciting to kill a nice bull during what sounds like the toughest hunt in the state.


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                I have hunted this tag with a bow...and know plenty more locally who have. I could put you in touch...


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                  Shoot me an e-mail if you like, I have the tag as well (rifle) but have some ideas if you want them. Hit up Blackpowder as well he is from South of me and those boys have lots of experience. Good luck, there are some dandy deer too on Etolin. I will be using a boat as I have a few but air is best IMHO.
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                    Could you send it my way too?



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                      I've hunted this with a bow. I motored up from Ketchikan, moored in McHenry, hiked up, and spent the hunt above tree line. I never heard or saw an elk. I had plenty of opportunity for deer - I took one. Bighorse has it right - your best chance for success is to fly into one of the mountain lakes and begin your hunt already above tree line. This is the best approach. The island is absolutely beautiful and very rugged. Chisana is also correct in saying that this is probably the toughest hunt in the state. The truth is, there are better ways to spend your money and time. But you will enjoy this hunt none the less. Best of luck to you. Cheers.


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                        I've got alot of SE Alpine hunting experience and I really want to have another crack at this tag. Although I want the first week of Oct. rifle permit. I'm glad you took my approach. It may be that you even found some of my machette handy work. You were hunting the same area I did. I worked a trail to about the 1,500 level just off Trout Creek. It was flagged well too.

                        If I have my way about it I'll win the tag and fly in. Time above treeline is crucial in that thick rugged country and the highest density of Elk appeared high. I was fortunate to see numerous small herds while scouting via airplane.

                        Did you get a really nice buck? I've seen a HUGE Sitka on that island.


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                          I know a thing or two about Etolin Elk. Anybody wanting some information can feel free to PM me.


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