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    No (wolf) hunting allowed. This is the future of National parks lands in Alaska... should this state just roll over and let it happen, since its probably useless to fight in anyway?

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    I saw a letter to the editor in ADN a while ago about how the USFWS were being hypocrites on this issue. Basically he mentioned in the YK delta they kill foxes to help protect the nesting birds. Yet, when it comes to wolves they won't go near that subject. Not sure what it is about a wolf that get's people so crazy, go kill a bunch of foxes but don't dare touch a wolf just doesn't make sense.

    Not sure what environmentalists get so crazy about. Currently wolves have moved into parts of the U.S. they have historically roamed and in some cases are in higher numbers today than they were since American natives/indian times, before Europeans came to America.


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      you should talk to hunters from Idaho, Wyoming, and Montana about the wolf population and the rapidly declining elk heards. It is a shame what they have done and allowed little to no active management of wolves. The governor of Idao basically said the state would not ticket anyone for shooting a wolf. The problem is that the suposed natural resource agencies like the USFWS and the Parks service are solely focused on pure preservation and not management. The animal rights activists, PETA and the like have both agengies and many judges in running scared of actually managing wildlife, and it is a sad situation and the government allows such radical organizations provide input and guidance on wildlife populations through frivolous law suites.


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        "Woods says they’re also considering a plan that would bring bulls from the Alaska Peninsula to Unimak Island in an effort to increase calf production.".
        Sounds like they just want to breed more wolf food.

        As long as the enviros have the ear of the administration, such policy will filter down to the agencies and departments- not that they aren't already full of university socialized wolf worshippers and tree huggers.


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