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Water proofing hunting pack

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  • Water proofing hunting pack

    Has anyone tried to apply water repellent to their pack.My large internal frame pack is made of a cadora [spell check]and has been though hel and back but in great shape. The thin clear film on the inside has been worn off and I would like to do something about it. Any suggestions on a product to use?

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    I would suggest using a waterproof cover, such as what Elberstock offers.
    My current setup is a Bull Pack with Elberstock Blue Willow. When it rains, I simply put the waterproof tarp over it. Quick, simple and you don't mess with spray-ons........


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      I'd reline the pack with a contractors trash bag.


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        I second the pack cover. I use one on my Barney's pack that is cordura. It is amazing how much water weight a cordura pack will absorb. The cover could also double as a bivy in a pinch.
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          Also recommend the pack cover. You can also use the Sea to Summit waterproof bags for organizing the stuff in your pack, and if you're going to use plastic bags as liners, use the trash compacter bags- they're very tough and tear-resistant.


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            I treat my old camptrails moose bag with good ol' Thompsons water seal. I also use it on my tent floor & rainfly. Give it some time to air out before ya take it hunting. Not near as bad of fumes as camp dry though.
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              Compactor bag liner.
              Dry bag too for a few key items. Good quality sil-nylon or eVent bags work well, weigh little.
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